Linda is recognised for her distinctive style characterised by bold sculptural forms, clean simple lines and the use of unusual materials.  Born in South Africa and now based in the pristine Huon Valley in the south of Tasmania, Australia, Linda's work has a strong sense of both places.  Her designs often reflect a contemporary African aesthetic and the ideas and materials used for her exhibition works demonstrate the strong influence of her natural environment.

Linda's work has been exhibited across Australia and in New York.  She has been short-listed for several contemporary jewellery awards and in 2010 won the Tasmanian Design Award.  

As a jewellery designer my desire is to create simple, elegant works that sit well on the body and encourage the wearer to be bold, proud and walk tall.

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Internationally award winning fine art and commercial photographer Peter Whyte has photographed Linda's work for several years.  Unless otherwise stated, all the studio images on this site were taken by Peter.  

The model is Molly Marquis.





Architect, artist, keen bushwalker and Linda's partner, Misho, has taken the Tasmanian wilderness images on the Home page of this site and the photograph of Linda on this page.