Linda van Niekerk.  Born in South Africa. Now living in the Huon Valley, Tasmania, Australia


I think of myself as a designer and conceiver of wearable sculpture rather than a jeweller.  I strive to create work that is bold, visually striking and deceptively simple.  Much of my work is influenced by my African heritage and by the beauty of my home in the pristine south of Tasmania.  Irrespective of my influences and inspirations, my desire is always for the wearer to be bold proud and walk tall.


Tasmanian Wood Design Collection

David Walsh AO (MONA); private collection

Dr Gene Sherman AM; private collection


                  2014          Tasmanian Design Award Top 10 finalist

                  2011          Tasmanian Design Award special commendation

                  2010          Tasmanian Design Award overall winner

                  2008          Arts Tasmania Grant to present Island of Inspiration exhibition in Sydney

Solo Exhibitions

2018/9     Genii Loci, Handmark Gallery, Hobart      

2018         Untamed, Courtesy of the Artist, Sydney

2017         Eco:Echo, Handmark Gallery, Hobart

2016         Wilderness, Zu Design, Adelaide;  Weathered, Courtesy of the Artist, Sydney

2015          Weathered, Handmark Gallery, Hobart

2014          10 Years On, Brenda May Gallery, Sydney

2013          Nature, Nurture, COTA Gallery (previoiusly Metalab), Sydney

2012          Wood you Wear? Design Centre Launceston

2011            Invisible Forces, Metalab Gallery, Sydney; Invisible Forces, Handmark Gallery, Hobart  (with Peter Whyte)

2010          Hugs + Kisses, Design Centre, Launceston

2009          Balance, Metalab Gallery, Sydney; Shadow, JamFactory Studioworks, Adelaide.  G'Day USA  (Tourism Tasmania) exhibition in San Francisco + New York;

2008          All about… flowering, Handmark Gallery, Hobart (with Artist Junko Go)

2005          Jewellery as Wearable Art, Handmark Gallery, Hobart;  Jewellery as Wearable Art, Sherman Galleries Sydney (Two Cubes)

2004          Jewellery as Wearable Art, Brenda May Gallery, Sydney

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016          40 Years, 40 Designers #2, Design Tasmania Launceston; Yeah, Cheers, Thanks a Lot, Brenda May Gallery, Sydney;  Tasmania Dreaming, Bini Gallery Melbroune

2014          LOOT 2014, Museum of Arts + Design, New York

2013          Wearable Geometries, Bini Gallery, Melbourne;  Breathe Into, COTA Gallery, Sydney

2012          LOOT 2012, Museum of Arts + Design, New York; The year was 2006, Studio 20/17, Sydney

2011           Contemporary Wearables ’11, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery; Tasmanian Wood Design Collection Biennial Acquisitive Exhibition, Hobart + Launceston

2011/4        Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor: 100 Years 100 Women 100 Stories 100 Brooches, Artisan, Brisbane (touring)                  

2010          Tasmanian Design Award, Design Centre, Launceston; National Contemporary Jewellery Award, Griffith Regional Art Gallery (touring)

2008          National Contemporary Jewellery Award, Griffith Regional Art Gallery (touring); Design to be Worn, Handmark Gallery, Hobart

2008          Island of Inspiration: new jewellery from Tasmania, Metalab Gallery, Sydney (curated by Linda)

2007          Singular + Multiple: new jewellery from Tasmania, Singapore, Melbourne, Hobart; Contemporary Wearables '07 Toowoomba (touring);

2007          Design Island, New Horizons Hobart and Launceston; Nourish, CAST Gallery Hobart

2006          City of Hobart Art Prize 06, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Hobart; Design Island, Beneath The Surface, Hobart + Launceston; Form + Function,

2006          Focus on Tasmania, Brenda May Gallery, Sydney (Curated by Linda)