Floating Stones Three  with Tasmanian tidal stones + sterling silver.     OO/S
  Raw Amber Traces .  Raw amber, sterling silver.    OO/A
  Floating African Amber Traces .  'African amber' + sterling silver.    OO/S
  Berber Amber Torques .  Antique 'African Amber' + sterling silver. Large   OO/S    Medium and Small   SIG
  Aladdin's Key .  Sterling silver + antique African silver bead.    OO/S
  Amber Orbit,  'African Amber' + sterling silver   OO/S    and  Silver Spiral  in sterling silver   OO/A
  Banksia Leaf  in Sterling silver + antique agate trade bead.    SIG
  Forest Heart (long) .  Sassafras, silk + sterling silver.    OO/A  
  Forest Pearls .  Huon pine, silk + sterling silver.    OO/S
  Mother of Pearl Floating Traces .  Antique hand-cut mother-of-pearl + sterling silver    OO/A
  Floating Opal Ridge neckpiece .  Australian opals + sterling silver.    OO/A
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