2006   City of Hobart Art Prize finalist.   Chrysalis  in sterling silver.                OO/S
  2007  Contemporary Wearables '07 Award finalist.  Precious Light Rain  in 9ct white gold + nylon.   OO/S
  2007  Design Island New Horizons Hobart + Launceston.   Silver Wisk cuff  in sterling silver.      SIG
  2007  Singular + Multiple.  Singapore, Melbourne + Hobart.    Silver Heron  earring in sterling silver.     PROD
  2010   Tasmanian Design Award overall winner.   Silk Dew Drop  in sterling silver + silk.     PROD
  2010  National Contemporary Jewellery Award finalist.   Wild Grasses  in sterling silver, 9ct gold + nylon.         SIG
  2011  Contemporary Wearables '11 finalist.   Floating Stones Three  with Tasmanian tidal stones + sterling silver.     OO/S
  2011-2014  Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor: 100 Women 100 Brooches 100 Stories. Artisan touring exhibition.   Karrie Webb's Web  in Sterling silver + 9ct gold.    OO/A    Image:  Rod Buchholz
  2012   LOOT 2012 New York.   Tribal Slats  in hand-made Tasmanian timber, sterling silver + nylon.            OO/S
  2013  Wearable Geometries at Bini Gallery.  Carousel Leaf and Bougainvillea Wraps  in anodised aluminium + sterling silver.   SIG
  2014   LOOT 2014 New York.   Tortoise Chain  in vintage faux tortoise-shell and sterling silver.       OO/S
  2016  40 Years, 40 Designers #2 at Design Tasmania.  After the Fire  in Tasmanian wilderness driftwood, Australian opals + sterling silver.   OO/S
  2016   Tasmania Dreaming, Bini Gallery.   Water Snake Adrift  in Tasmanian wilderness driftwood, sterling silver + silk.     OO/S
  2014   LOOT 2014 New York.   Decadent Forest Shadow Torque .  Myrtle with burn finish, black diamond + sterling silver.      SIG
  2016   Yeah, Cheers, Thanks a Lot at Brenda May Gallery.   Rainbow Tail Feathers  in anodised aluminium, silk + sterling silver.     SIG
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