Beaten Weathered Leaf  with  Weathered Branches  and  Weathered Torque Branches.   Oxidised Sterling silver and silk.    SIG
  Bold Silver Leaf neckpiece .  sterling silver.    SIG
  Beaten Black Leaf  (light, extra long), oxidised sterling silver;   Silver Leaf  (light, extra long), sterling silver.    SIG
  Silver Ripple chain (bold, long ).  Sterling silver.    SIG
  Carousel Leaf  (short).  Anodised aluminium + sterling silver.    SIG
  Carousel Leaf neckpiece + Bougainvillea Wraps .  Anodised aluminium and sterling silver.  Neckpiece:    SIG    Wraps:    PROD
  Light Silver Leaf Neckpiece .  Sterling silver.    SIG
  Curled Leaf Chain with Clouds.  Fine Silver + silk.   SIG
  Banksia Leaf  in Sterling silver + antique agate trade bead.    SIG
  Bougainvillea Wrap bracelet  worn as neckpiece.  Sterling silver   OO/S
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