Floating Stones Three  with Tasmanian tidal stones + sterling silver.     OO/S
  Silver Seagrass ring .  Tasmanian tidal stone + sterling silver.    OO/A
  Energy  armbands in polished or oxidised sterling silver.      SIG
  Silver Energy neckpiece.   Sterling silver.      SIG
  Ridgeline Adrift .  Tasmanian wilderness driftwood + sterling silver.    OO/S
  Peninsula Shadow Adrift .  Tasmanian wilderness driftwood with burn finish, black diamond + oxidised sterling silver.    OO/S
  Atoll Adrift with Pearls .  Tasmanian wilderness driftwood, cultured pearls + sterling silver.    OO/S
  Fjord Adrift with Pearls .  Tasmanian wilderness driftwood + cultured pearls.    OO/S
  Field of Gold neckpiece long.   Sterling silver, 9ct gold + nylon.    OO/A
  Wild Grasses .  Sterling silver, 9ct gold + nylon.    SIG
  Fred + Ginger Waltz earrings .  Sterling silver, black diamond + vintage pearl.    SIG
  Wisk arm bands  in polished, matt + oxidised sterling silver.    SIG
  Berber Amber Torques .  Antique 'African Amber' + sterling silver. Large   OO/S    Medium and Small   SIG
  Exploded Sea Sponge .  Sterling silver.    OO/S
  Reflections with Ripples (short).   Sterling silver + nylon.    OO/S
  Reflections with Ripples (long) .   Sterling silver.    OO/S
  Raw Amber Traces .  Raw amber, sterling silver.    OO/A
  First Night Scarf .  Sterling silver + silk.    OO/A
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